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I'm a Amazon Bestselling Author and Publisher with over 20 years of HR, Talent & Business experience.

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  • Become authors and gain authority in their industry
  • Become experts through training & development in the HR & Talent field

Hi, I'm Jodi.

I believe everybody can be an influencer in their industry through being curious.

I help curious people in 2 ways:

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Those CURIOUS to becoming a business author & influencer:

Those CURIOUS to becoming an expert in HR & Talent:

Featured Speaking Topics for 2023

Author 2 Influencer

Build Your Authority with a Book

How can a book help you advance to a business influencer?

During this session, you will understand the type of book you should write, how to launch the book with success and keep the book open for new business opportunities.

By Design Leader

ACT Leadership Model

Being a strong leader, you must ACT:

  • Active
  • Creative
  • Tailor

This session will dive into the ACT Leadership Model and how to incorporate design thinking into your leader toolbox.

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